Ondiris zone

Ondiris industrial zone was formed in 2007 in Semey city.

Area is 92 hectares.

• Line power of 10 kW, 4.5 km long. 
• Administrative building 1.256 sq. m area.
• Water supply and sewerage networks 1260 m long. 
• Protective structures.

Operating enterprises: 
1 «Igeru Farm» LLP - Brake pads for railway rolling stock production plant, land area is 5 hectares. 
2 «Biovtorpolimer» LLP - medical equipment and waste disposal. Land area is 1 ha. 
3. «Sergey» IE - the greenhouse complex. Land area is 10.7 hectares.

Location of the enterprises is planned: 
4 «Igeru Farm» LLP - Used tires recycling and the primary processing plant. Land area is 5 hectares.

5. «Belsan and K» LLP - Wool deep processing plants, Agroperlite production plant and Diode light production plant. Land area is 10 hectares.

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